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A good floor grinder can help you solve the problems during the construction period

Floor grinders are products of intelligent roads, including driven and remote-controlled floor grinders. Different from ordinary floor grinders, it can realize the grinding mode of autonomous walking, greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, solve the problem of large machines unable to push and tired, and make workers more relaxed and labor-saving, so as to improve construction efficiency. One machine can replace two floor grinding machines.

The intelligent floor grinder can also be used with industrial vacuum cleaners to realize dust-free grinding and solve the problem of flying dust on the site. Moreover, workers do not have to clean the dust all the time, which saves labor and time.
From these two points, it can be seen that the construction efficiency of the intelligent floor grinder is higher and the construction period is shortened, which can solve the current problem of “less workers and short construction period”.
RGS produces grinding machines with many specifications, such as frequency conversion, ordinary type, dust-free type, etc. each type of product has different characteristics and has its own advantages, so you can choose according to the engineering needs. If you don’t understand, you can consult our customer service.

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