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Analysis on the shutdown of the floor grinding machine during construction?

Floor grinding machine is mainly used for ground grinding, which can effectively grind terrazzo, concrete surface, epoxy mortar layer and old epoxy floor. It is light, flexible and has high working efficiency. With the power socket of the vacuum cleaner, the power cord of the vacuum cleaner can be directly connected with the grinder to avoid the trouble of needing two power cords when working. It is the ideal equipment for floor engineering treatment.

  1. Check the number and letter display on the digital display screen on the Floor grinding machine armrest: if “E.LU1” is displayed, it is an input undervoltage and the grid voltage is too low. “E.LU2”, which is under voltage during operation. If “EiLF” appears, it is input phase loss. At this time, check the cable of input power supply, and check whether one of the power lines input to the wall or the power box at the construction site is loose;

Check whether one of the three live wires of the power box is loose; Check whether the plug of the power cord is loose when it is plugged into the power socket or plugged into the socket on the floor grinder box? If yes, connect the cables one by one.

  1. Check the digital display screen on the armrest. If “EOL2” appears, the motor load is too heavy. The reason why the motor load is too heavy is that the grinding resistance of the Floor grinding machine plate under the gearbox under the motor is too large when grinding the ground, which is greater than the torque (torque) of the motor.

Therefore, the inverter detects that the circuit current exceeds the rated current, the system reports overload, the inverter stops outputting voltage, and the motor stops immediately. Namely, the inverter sends an overload command to stop the motor for self-protection.

At this time, turn up the machine and check whether the number of Floor grinding machine blocks on the grinding plate is too small (thick) and whether the ground is too potholed. You can replace the finer grinding blocks for grinding; If this situation occurs in marble grinding, the grinding block on the grinding plate of the floor grinder can be replaced with a hard (thick) grinding plate with a wide mud drain. At the same time, the weighting iron block or sandbag above the floor grinder can be removed, and the sandbag can be suspended on the handrail to reduce the grinding pressure of the grinding plate.

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