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Application scope and content of epoxy floor grinder machine

Epoxy floor grinder machine It is applicable to: hardening ground grinding, concrete grinding, epoxy ground grinding, curing ground grinding, wear-resistant ground grinding, resin ground grinding and a series of ground grinding!
Features of epoxy floor grinding machine:

  1. Variable speed with flexible adjustment (it can protect the frequency converter and play a buffering role when starting)
  2. The flexible replaceable grinding plate has sufficient weight (enough grinding plate pressure) and is suitable for the needs of different construction processes such as floor and concrete.
  3. The front adjustable flexible handle of the epoxy floor grinder is applicable to the grinding and polishing of the foot and large area. The grinding plate can contact the foot for grinding and polishing at zero distance.
  4. Excellent function, suitable for various epoxy floors and cement floors; Leveling, polishing, slag cleaning, cleaning and other construction process requirements of epoxy terrazzo and epoxy carborundum floors.
  5. The grinding plate of Epoxy floor grinder is flexible and ordinary. The grinding plate can be adapted to a variety of paste type, snap in type circular, horseshoe shaped grinding blocks, grinding plates, automatic assembly line integrated grinding plates (4 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch), bowl mouth diamond grinding wheels and other grinding plates.
  6. High safety: 24V low-voltage power supply is used for the start and stop of the Epoxy floor grinding machine and the lifting and lowering of the front-end lifting system. Overload and leakage protection device of working motor.
  7. Stable speed change device: the front end of the machine body is equipped with a gear transmission gearbox, which can be engaged in high and low gears, so that the motor power can be 100% exerted. At low speed, the torque force of the rotating shaft can be greatly enhanced, which is applicable to the needs of different ground and different grinding and polishing processes in the grinding and polishing process, so as to improve the grinding and polishing efficiency.
  8. The Epoxy floor grinder machine weight is sufficient, and the grinding plate bears great pressure: the machine weight is 250kg, and the corresponding pressure of the grinding plate is more than 180kg. High hardness (such as granite, polished brick, epoxy quartz sand terrazzo, epoxy floor, cement floor) and low hardness (dolomite, artificial marble) floors are suitable at the same time.
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