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Concrete grinding machine with vacuum can collect dust generated during construction

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How to deal with the dust generated during the construction of the diamond Concrete floor grinder? Workers will encounter different construction sites every time they use the Concrete Floor Polishers. Some sites will be large and some sites are very small. But after the construction, the dust will fly all over the sky, so we can match an industrial vacuum cleaner according to the area of the site Now let me briefly talk about the industrial vacuum cleaner equipped with our company’s floor grinding machine for sale.

If it is a small-scale project, you can choose our rgs-310vc single vacuum cleaner, which can be hung on the Concrete Floor Polishers and used at the same time, or used alone Its appearance is very small, and the transportation is also very convenient. This small vacuum cleaner can also be used alone. It is equipped with a separate vacuum head, and there is no need to bend over some corners.

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