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How do the scratches of the concrete floor grinders machine appear in use

With the increasingly mature technology of concrete curing agent floor, more and more customers choose curing agent floor for construction on the floor, and more and more engineers are ready to enter this industry. The construction quality of the floor grinding machine determines the service life of the curing agent floor, so why do scratches appear when the curing agent floor is polished?

concrete floor grinders machine

  1. The ground is not completely cleaned. If there is sand on the ground or in the grinding disc, grinding marks are easy to appear in the grinding process of the grinding disc.
  2. Quality problems of grinding disc. The poor quality of the resin grinding plate is also one of the reasons for the wear marks on the ground. Customers and friends are advised not to be greedy for temporary benefits. In fact, cheap grinding discs are often not wear-resistant, and the effect of the construction site is not good. The unit price seems to be very cheap, but the consumption is large, and the final cost of Z is not cost-effective.
  3. The grinding plate of the concrete floor grinders is not polished or skipped according to the mesh number from bottom to height. If it is not carried out in accordance with the standard construction process, and if it is not carried out in accordance with the bottom mesh number of grinding pieces to the high mesh number of grinding pieces, the traces left by the bottom mesh number of grinding pieces cannot be covered, or some customers directly omit the grinding of the middle mesh number, the effect is certainly not good, and the ground is not bright and beautiful.
  4. The power of the floor grinding machine is insufficient and the speed is too slow. Grinding equipment is also critical. It is recommended to purchase a special hardening floor grinder. If the machine speed or power is not enough, the overall effect will also be affected.
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