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How to deal with different wear and tear of abrasive about concrete floor grinding machines?

After the construction of the floor, the concrete floor grinding machines needs to be maintained frequently to avoid the machine failure during the construction. In addition, any problems of the floor grinder during the construction of the floor must be handled in time, otherwise the ground effect will be affected. The difference of abrasive wear is also a problem that needs attention. We should learn to judge and deal with it.
concrete floor grinding machines
Whether the wear of machine abrasives is different can be judged from the following points:
① Aging or damage of buffer rubber;
② Grinding discs are not on the same working plane;
③ The buffer spring is damaged.
According to the construction practice and technical experience of machinery, the following two methods can be adopted:
① Replace the buffer rubber pad;
② Adjust the fastening bolts to keep the grinding plate on the same plane.

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