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How to judge the rotation of the concrete floor grinder gear?

The concrete floor grinder is mainly used for grinding the concrete stone terrazzo epoxy floor. It can effectively polish the terrazzo, concrete surface, epoxy mortar layer and old epoxy floor. It is light, flexible and high efficiency. How to judge the rotation of the ground grinder gear? Gears are crucial to a concrete floor grinder machine, and how to choose a good gear is also a matter of concern. Here’s the concrete floor grinder:

  1. Listen to the sound. The noise of mechanical operation with good machining accuracy can be comparable to that of belt rotation.
  2. Depending on the material selected, high-quality equipment will consider the mechanical heat dissipation performance of the machine dry grinding, so aluminum alloy material will be selected.
  3. Check the accuracy of the mechanical rotation fit clearance, and test the fit clearance by rotating the grinding disc manually.
  4. The durability of the machine has a great relationship with the design of the box. After the material of the box is determined, the weight of the mechanical grinding head should be considered.

Precautions: the gear surface of the concrete floor grinder is relatively sharp. Remember to wear gloves when touching.

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