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How to maintain the concrete floor grinder?

  1. The concrete floor grinder places the machine flat on the ground.
    Concrete floor grinding machine
  2. Remove the motor cover to check the belt tightness. If the belt is too loose, press the handle to lift the chassis, loosen the chassis screws (four screw holes are elliptical), adjust the screw positions in the elliptical holes to tighten the belt, and then install the motor cover. (the three head grinding machine directly removes the motor cover to check the belt tightness, which can be adjusted directly).
  3. After the chassis is tilted, the grinding disc is exposed, the grinding head is installed at the fixed position of the chassis, and then the grinding head is locked without looseness.
  4. Slowly put the machine back on the ground so that the grinding plate touches the ground.
  5. Plug in the power supply.
  6. Turn on the vacuum cleaner switch, turn on the power switch, and the machine starts to operate.
  7. After the machine is running, push forward slowly to make it touch the grinding area.
  8. In case of any abnormality during operation, please press the off key to stop the machine.
  9. After 50 minutes of operation, turn off the power supply and open the upper and lower bins of the vacuum cleaner to clean the dust in the bin and the cotton net in the bin.
  10. When replacing the grinding plate of the concrete floor grinder, stop the machine first.
  11. After the machine is finished, turn off the power switch and the vacuum cleaner switch.
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