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How to renovate the concrete floor with serious aging? Ground sealing and curing treatment

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Concrete also has a service life and cannot be used indefinitely. After long-term use, it will inevitably usher in an aging period. At this time, the cohesion, hardness and strength of concrete will be reduced, and it is easy to be damaged. It cannot bear the rolling of forklift and the load-bearing of heavy objects, as well as the friction and impact of external forces. During the aging process, the overburdened concrete ground appears the phenomena of surface looseness, sanding and dusting, denudation, cracks, exposed aggregate and large-area ground damage, which seriously affects the work safety and work efficiency.
If the concrete ground is found to be sand and ash, the ground is already aging. At this time, we should deal with the problem in time and renovate the ground to avoid the aging phenomenon becoming more and more serious. RGS Concrete Hardener rgs-601 is specially used for the treatment of sand and ash on the ground. Through hydration reaction with cement in the concrete, it produces chemical products (C-S-H) that are non expansive, non shrinkage and stable in nature, making the whole ground more dense and solid. After its renovation, the concrete ground is non sand and non ash, wear-resistant and compressive:

  1. No sanding and dusting: the hardness and density of the ground are significantly improved after the Concrete Hardener treatment, and the ground is not sanding and dusting.
  2. Wear resistance and compression resistance: the ground is more wear-resistant and compression resistant after being treated with concrete curing agent, and can withstand the repeated rolling, heavy load bearing, external friction and impact of forklifts.
  3. Durable use: the ground can be used for longer after being treated with concrete curing agent. As long as it is properly cured, it can last for up to 30 years.
  4. Easy to clean and low maintenance cost: after the ground is treated with concrete curing agent, the ground is easy to clean. If the gloss decreases after several years of use, it can be restored by polishing again. The maintenance is simple and the cost is greatly reduced.
    Construction process of RGS concrete curing agent:
  5. Base surface cleaning
  6. Rough grinding and leveling
  7. Penetration of concrete curing agent:
    ① Before applying the curing agent, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the ground, or use a dust push to clean the ground,
    ② Use it with water according to the ground conditions, and spray the specified amount of concrete curing agent.
    ③ Keep the ground moist for more than 30 minutes. (if the material is missing during the curing time, continue to spray the material)
    ④ Natural curing for 4-24 hours. (the next process can be carried out only after it is confirmed to be completely dry)
  8. Fine grinding
  9. Fine throwing

Matters needing attention:
In order to delay the aging of the concrete floor, in addition to the later renovation, precautions should be taken when pouring concrete in the early stage:

  1. Ensure the engineering quality of concrete floor pouring;
  2. Improve the compactness of concrete;
  3. Use admixtures to reduce the water cement ratio and reduce the voids in the concrete.
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