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Precautions for use of epoxy floor grinder machine

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Precautions for use of epoxy floor grinder machine:

  1. Before using the machine, check the integrity of the machine to ensure that the operation control and electrical parts of the machine are free of moisture, and the operation control switch knob is intact.
  2. Understand the actual construction and base conditions, and select the appropriate machine speed.
  3. Select the grinding method of concrete floor grinder according to the condition of the base surface, such as dry grinding or water grinding. When using the water mill, the water tank should be filled with clean construction water first. Do not fill it too full to prevent the machine from splashing water into the electric box when the machine is tilted or when installing and replacing abrasives, causing damage to the machine. At the same time, cooperate with the water suction machine to remove the grinding water in time.
  4. Install and replace the grinding disc of floor grinding machine. According to the construction situation and construction process, select the grinding disc that is consistent with it, and ensure that it is installed and firm.
    When installing the grinding disc, tilt the machine, contact the support frame with the ground, adjust the operation switch of the machine to the off position, press the emergency stop button and keep it in the locked state.
  5. Install the waterproof cover. The connection of the waterproof cover should be at the rear end of the machine. Put the machine back to the working state, and adjust the construction folding handle to the convenient operation state.
  6. Ensure that the leakage protection device is normal. Connect the waterproof power plug of the machine to the machine socket, check that all the machine control buttons are turned off, and connect the power.
  7. When using water mill, turn on the water switch to ensure that the water flow is like the construction ground, select the working speed, pop up the emergency stop button, and select the operation direction.
  8. During the use of the machine, ensure that the machine cable and the machine grinding head keep a certain distance to avoid personal injury caused by the machine foot line.
  9. Stop the operation. Press the emergency stop button, turn off the water switch, and disconnect the power supply when stopping for a long time.
  10. Clean up the residual water in the machine after finishing the work.
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