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Remote control floor grinder, a younger ground construction method

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Times are changing, and so is the industry. In the floor industry, ordinary human driven floor grinder has begun to fail to meet the requirements of floor people for easy, healthy and pleasant work. Therefore, the research and development of innovative intelligent floor grinder has been widely welcomed, which brings a more intelligent and environmental friendly floor construction concept.

The remote control floor grinding machine can realize remote control within 100 meters. This intelligent floor grinding method enables workers to work all day without pushing the machine in sweat. The post-90s and post-00s grew up in a different environment from the post-80s and Post-70s. They live in a high socio-economic level and living standard, and do not like this kind of hard-working physical work. This remote controlled floor grinder has overturned the traditional grinding method in the past, and can attract the attention of young people from the perspective of the future.

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