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Techniques of grind down concrete

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  1. The grinding speed should be slowed down. Because the floor grinder has speed change function, sometimes it will lift and skip the surface during operation. If the machine runs too fast, it will reduce the construction efficiency. Although the operation with a higher speed setting speeds up the speed of grinding the floor, the result is often uneven performance, resulting in more rework and lower satisfaction. If it continues at a slow speed, it will waste time and energy, and may lead to the removal of concrete with good performance.
  2. Add concrete cushion. If you find a lot of sand particles and machine generated debris when grinding the concrete floor, the most likely case is that the concrete base is too thin, resulting in grinding to the bottom of the concrete. The large gravel at the bottom of the concrete will wear out the expensive floor grinder, which is also very detrimental to the vacuum hose and filter. Therefore, in case of soft concrete, it is necessary to compact the concrete until the floor has waterproof performance, and then polish it. You will get better results and less wear on machines, tools and filters.
  3. Use proper lubricating oil. When using cemented carbide tools on the floor grinding machine, it is necessary to spray mild lubricant on the tools. This process will help keep the tool cool and reduce the amount of material accumulated on the tool. This process is very effective in protecting the grinding box chassis on the floor grinder. In heavy wet cutting, it will also help to prevent mud from adhering to the grinder chassis. There is no need to worry that the lubricant will be transferred to the floor, because the viscosity is not large enough to form stains on the concrete floor.
  4. When cleaning polished floors or coatings, it is very important not to use cleaning compounds. Cleaning compounds contain heavy oil that will inject solid products. This is why it works well in general building cleaning. Dirt and dust are sealed in oil, and solids are kept dry and can be easily cleaned. To collect surface dust in an area of the floor, I recommend using a foam scraper instead of a cleaning compound. At this point, you can use a scraper to shovel the dust into a trash can or plastic bag. At this time, it is not necessary to use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the accumulation, because this will only increase the pressure on the filter.
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