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Types of floor grinder machine

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Now the development of the floor industry is more and more prosperous, so the functions of the floor grinder are richer and there are many kinds. Then what are the specific categories? RGS tech summarizes them for you as follows:

Classified by the number of grinding heads (discs)

  1. Single head (disc) floor grinder
  2. Double head (disc) counter rotating floor grinder
  3. Three head (disc) planetary floor grinder
  4. Four head (disc) counter rotating floor grinder
  5. Four head (disc) planetary double running disc floor grinder
  6. Six head (disc) planetary double running disc floor grinder

Classification by control mode

  1. Walking floor grinder
  2. Walking semi-automatic (with drive) floor grinder
  3. Remote control floor grinder
  4. Driving grinder
  5. Full automatic intelligent floor grinder

Classified by driving force

  1. Electric motor drive
  2. Driven by internal combustion engine
  3. Hydraulic motor drive

Classification by transmission mode

  1. Belt transmission mode
  2. Gear transmission mode
  3. Belt / gear transmission mode
    These are the four classification methods of floor grinder
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