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What are the benefits of using a driven floor grinder?

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In addition to paying more and more attention to environmental protection, intellectualization is also a major development direction of R & D and innovation of floor grinding machinery. Under such a situation, RGS has developed a new generation of intelligent floor grinding machine, and the driving and remote control technology is mature. Among them, the product types of RGS driven floor grinding machine are increasingly rich. Then, what are the benefits of using a driven floor grinder to grind the ground in the floor construction? Can the efficiency of floor construction be improved?

RGS driven floor grinder

  1. Intelligent grinding
    The driven floor grinder subverts the traditional grinding method driven by human power. By driving forward independently, it reduces the labor intensity of workers, makes construction easier, and solves the problem that large machines can’t push and are tired!
  2. Precise grinding
    The driven floor grinder has the constant speed cruise function, and the walking speed can be freely adjusted from 0-25m/min. As long as the parameters are set, different operators can achieve the same grinding effect, and the workload of a day can be calculated according to the formula.
  3. Efficient grinding
    The body weight of the driven floor grinder is up to 600kg, the working width is 855mm, and the machine parts are upgraded “brand”, with high efficiency and low failure rate; And the intelligent grinding method reduces the labor intensity and improves the enthusiasm of workers and construction efficiency.
  4. Ramp grinding
    The driving floor grinder can still realize the constant speed cruise function within 25 degrees, which is convenient for the climbing grinding and loading and unloading of the driving floor grinder, and the floor construction is more safe and reliable.
  5. Dust free grinding
    The driven floor grinder is equipped with a floating dust cover, which can reduce the generation of dust, and cooperate with the construction of high-power industrial vacuum cleaners, which can realize dust-free grinding and keep away from dust, and create a dust-free and healthy working environment for the floor people.

The use of driven floor grinder in floor construction can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve the efficiency of floor construction. It can also be used together with industrial vacuum cleaners to achieve dust-free construction on the ground, create a dust-free construction environment, and make workers work more healthily, easily and happily!

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