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What details should you attention when using the floor polisher machine?

Floor polisher machine, also known as floor grinder machine, is often used for mechanical grinding, polishing and waxing. What details should be paid attention to when using the floor polisher?

  1. High speed floor polisher machine shall not be used if the following conditions are found:
    The operator is not trained.
    The operator has not learned the “safety operation regulations”.
    The high-speed polishing machine does not operate normally.
  2. Before using the high-speed floor polishing machine, the environment should be checked as follows
    The hands and feet of the operator should be away from the rotating polishing head.
    The operator shall not step on the power line or wrap the power line into the polishing head.
    Operators must wear safe clothes.
    The polishing area must not exceed the length of the power cord.
    The operator shall not release the operating handle without authorization. When the machine is stopped, the handle can be released only after the high-speed polishing machine completely stops rotating.
    Do not polish with a polishing pad with dust and dirt. If the polishing pad with too much dirt cannot be cleaned, replace it in time.
    Cut off the power supply when replacing and installing the polishing pad.
  3. Storage of high-speed floor polishing machine
    Cut off the power supply.
    Tilt back and store the rear wheels on the ground.
    It should be stored outdoors and in a dry place.
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