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What problems should known before use Epoxy Floor Grinding Machine ?

What problems should be known before the construction of Epoxy Floor Grinding Machine? There are many kinds of floor machinery construction projects, such as epoxy floor, mortar floor, anti-static floor, garage ramp special floor, high-temperature fire-proof floor, sports special floor, etc. In order to help customers who use floor decoration and maintenance coating to correctly select the varieties of epoxy floor and the useful control and construction cost, it is suggested that customers should start from the following factors:

Epoxy floor base surface:
1. Strength of epoxy floor base course: generally required compressive strength ≥ 20MPa
2. Epoxy Floor Flatness: does it need to be repaired with epoxy mortar?
3. The epoxy floor is usually required to be self leveling before construction.
The mainly requirements of Epoxy Floor Grinding Machine include the following three aspects:
1. Abrasion resistance of epoxy floor: what vehicles will walk on the floor when it is used?
2. Pressure resistance of epoxy floor: how much load will the floor accept when it is used?
3. Impact resistance of epoxy floor: will impact force cause peeling of floor surface?
For the chemical function request of epoxy floor, the following two aspects should be considered first:
1. Acid and alkali resistance of epoxy floor: type and concentration of corrosive chemicals during application.
2. Solvent resistance of epoxy floor: solvent type and touch time during application.
Epoxy floor beautiful request
1. Epoxy floor color request: does it require color discrimination area?
2. Epoxy floor brightness request: is it matte or bright?
3. Epoxy floor flatness request: is it for the floor.
Epoxy Floor Grinding Machine,Floor orientation of epoxy floor.
Determine whether moisture-proof treatment is required or special moisture-proof floor is selected according to whether the floor is on the underground floor or on the ground floor?

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