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What the solutions to the common faults of diamond floor grinder in construction?

In the construction of the floor, the use of the diamond floor grinder is essential. The frequency of use is also used from beginning to end. However, if the grinder fails during construction, it will not only affect the progress of the whole project, but also affect the quality and overall effect of the floor. What are the solutions to the common faults of floor grinder in construction?
1、 Uneven grinding plate
The uneven grinding plate will cause the diamond floor grinder to shake violently during operation, and the ground polished will also appear uneven. The reason for this phenomenon is that the grinding plate is connected with the top with screws, and the screws are loose during use.
The solution is to change the height of the grinding disc by adjusting the fixing screw of the grinding disc to lock. Make the distance from any three points of each grinding plate to the bottom of the gear box consistent.
2、 The grinder suddenly stops running halfway
In this case, first check whether the power supply and the machine wire interface are normal. If the power is normal, check whether the motor is intact and whether it is burnt out. If these are normal conditions and still cannot operate, it is necessary to check whether the voltage is insufficient to drive the machine because the wire is too long or the core of the power line is too thin. (you can bring a pencil by yourself, which is convenient for standby)
3、 Aging or damage of rubber pad
The floor grinder in operation has severe shaking, because the diamond floor grinder hits hard objects (such as steel bars) during operation. The rubber pad is damaged or deformed. There is also a long-term use, the rubber pad made of plastic has oxidation, resulting in no elasticity, so it needs to be replaced with a new rubber pad. Under normal circumstances, the rubber pad is replaced once a year. (it is recommended to replace four rubber pads at one time, otherwise it will not be on the same horizontal line and the four plates will be uneven.)
4、 diamond floor grinder bearing damage
If the bearing of the grinder is damaged, the noise of the machine will be loud, the output shaft will shake, and the whole gearbox will shake.
The main reason is that the gear oil is not replaced on time, which leads to the aging of the bearing, or when the machine is running, the grinding plate is not leveled, and the bearing is damaged due to overload operation after working for a long time under the uneven condition of the machine itself
When the bearing is damaged, there is only one solution, that is, open the gearbox to check which part of the bearing is damaged, and then replace it. (the gear oil should also be changed regularly. The grinder can be maintained once a year, so that a lot of trouble can be saved in the process of use.)
5、 The axle is not level correctly
The abrasive height of different brands and models is inconsistent, and the friction between different ground and abrasive is inconsistent. The balance point of the machine will change. At this time, it is necessary to adjust the axle height and change the balance point of the diamond floor grinder.

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