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What will happen to the floor grinding machine in use?

The solution is to change the height of the grinding plate by adjusting the locking of the fixing screws of the grinding plate. Make the distance from any three points of each grinding plate to the bottom of the gearbox consistent. The rubber pad is aged or damaged, and the floor grinding machine in operation is shaking violently, because the grinder hits hard objects (such as steel bars) during operation.

The rubber pad is damaged or deformed. In addition, the rubber pad made of plastic has no elasticity due to oxidation during long-term use, so it needs to be replaced with a new rubber pad. Normally, rubber pads are replaced once a year.

The bearing of the ground floor grinding machine is damaged. The bearing of the grinder is damaged, which will cause loud noise, shaking of the output shaft and shaking of the entire gearbox. The main reason is that the gear oil is not replaced on time, which leads to the aging of the bearing, or when the machine is running, the grinding plate is not leveled, and the bearing is damaged due to overload operation due to long time operation under the condition that the machine itself is uneven. When the bearing is damaged, there is only one solution, that is, open the gearbox to check which part of the bearing is damaged, and then replace it.

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