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Why choose the drive concrete floor grinder machine?

Why push the floor grinder when you can make it work by yourself?

Compared with those who gradually enter the intelligent production and processing industry from automation, the floor construction is not even fully automated or even electrified. A considerable number of builders are still using traditional Concrete floor grinding machine for construction, and the flooring industry has lagged behind a lot. Is it because of the lack of drive and remote control floor grinder products in the market?

In fact, in recent years, drive and remote Concrete floor grinding machine products have appeared. The vast majority of builders recognize that drive grinding machines are superior to traditional Concrete floor grinding machine, but the bottleneck that hinders builders from purchasing drive and remote control grinding machines is price.

Due to the production cost, the price of new Concrete floor grinding machine is often slightly higher than that of traditional machines, but it is more economical to use traditional Concrete floor grinding machine than drive Concrete floor grinding machine. At present, the industry market shows a trend of less and less labor and more and more expensive labor price. From the perspective of price, the labor cost saved by using the drive grinder is much higher than the purchase cost of the product, and the construction experience is easier. In addition, for the construction efficiency and construction effect, the traditional ground grinder needs to be pushed and walked manually, so the efficiency is low and the construction quality is uneven. If the construction efficiency or quality cannot meet the requirements, the potential opportunity loss of missing the project is immeasurable.

The direction of the industry must move forward. Automation will replace a large number of manpower. It is the market demand and the industry trend to gradually replace the traditional grinder with the drive Floor Grinder Machine. I believe that those who can seize the opportunity in this key node will stand out in the industry with faster construction efficiency and better construction quality.

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